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2020-2021 Competition Team

Here at Infinity Gymnastics we offer classes for ages 18 months to High School.   We offer boys Ninja, tumbling and we also have a successful competitive team.  We compete all levels including compulsory levels 1-5, Xcel and Junior Olympic Optional Program (Levels 6-10).

We compete under USA Gymnastics sanctions.  


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The portal is located under the "Parent Portal" tab above.

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It is our belief that your child is taking part in the greatest physical activity in the world.  Gymnastics is a highly comprehensive sport that requires the participant to move their body through every plane imaginable.  Once a child gains a foundation of movement in gymnastics they are well prepared to take on virtually any sport they chose.  Wheather your child is here for general fitness, to cross-train, or with the goals of becoming a competitive gymnast, it is our commitment to create an experience that is fun and inspiring.  

We are so excited we are open !!!

We have a few new rules and procedures to follow 

Use the Parent Portal to register your child for a class.
(You can view the classes offered under the "Classes Tab" above.) 



April 20-24th: 2021 Summer Priority Registration for Current Students

April 25th: 2021 Summer registration for everyone!

April 27: Mini-Movers 9:30-11 am  (ages 6 and below with loved one)

April 30: Open gym 6:30-8 pm (ages 6 and up)

May 21st and 22nd: Spring Show Weekend!!! Please see your forms for times!

2021 Summer NEED to KNOW for Gymnastics

1.  ENTER through the side door unless raining. We will bring the children in 2-3 minutes prior to class start time. 

2. Registration Fee's are only applied if not current, pro-rated to $10 for summer only.  Registration rates run September-August.

3. BRING YOUR OWN WATER!! Due to COVID-19 protocols, our water fountain is closed. We do not have extra water bottles at the gym to give out.

4. We will continue to only have 5 seats in the lobby. If you are an adult watching, please be sure to have your mask on!

5. We do not require masks for students as they will be exercising .